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Migraine Glasses – A Complete Guide (2019)

We’ve all felt it at a while, brilliant mild that hurts. However that’s not you. No, overlook the backyard variety mild sensitivity.

Yours is the intense stuff.

You realize the drill: shiny lights, ache, the overwhelming have to discover a dark room by which to retreat.

You’re not alone, however is that basically any comfort?

You need solutions — something that may block the sunshine enough to stop a migraine assault with out leaving you totally at midnight. So with dark glasses out, so what’s left?

Two phrases: Migraine glasses.

Migraine glasses block sure wavelengths of sunshine which may scale back or forestall mild sensitivity and migraine. (Pictured: KULA frames by Axon Optics)

These specially tinted glasses are gaining reputation and getting rave evaluations from customers. What precisely are they though? How do they work? And the bigger query, DO they work?

We’ll answer those questions and extra as we dive into the analysis behind migraine glasses, which incorporates greater than 17 studies, reviews, and articles. We’ll also take a look at the totally different lenses that declare to assist with migraine, and maybe most importantly, what precise users need to say about their effectiveness.

Right here’s what we find out about migraine glasses.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

What are Migraine Glasses?

Improvement and Design: The Story of Migraine Glasses

Migraine Glasses Achieve Traction

The Evolution of the FL-41 Tint and Axon’s Ongoing Position

Are Migraine Glasses Really Better than Common Sunglasses Indoors?

How do Migraine Glasses Work?

If There’s “Bad Light,” Shouldn’t My Migraine Glasses Block All of It?

Why Are There Many Distributors With Totally different Wanting Migraine Glasses?

Might Glasses for Migraine Assist Me With my Migraines?

What are Migraine Glasses Users Saying?

How Do I Use My Migraine Glasses? All day? Once every week?


Testimonials Again the Analysis

Several studies have shown that migraine glasses are effective in stopping mild sensitive migraine. That in itself is spectacular, but if you get real-person testimonials that again up these research, that speaks volumes.

The bottom line is that real people who are using migraine glasses of their everyday lives are doing so with stellar outcomes.

“I have struggled my whole life with fluorescent lights. I work in a hospital and fluorescent lights are everywhere,” Stated Steven from Missouri. “I’ve been suffering with migraine symptoms about 3 days a week, every week.”

Pair of Axon Migraine Glasses in front of Fluorescent Lightbulb.Fluorescent lights are notably troublesome for individuals with mild sensitivity and migraine.

Steven didn’t know a lot about migraine glasses, and wasn’t so quick to blindly leap on the bandwagon. He stated, “I was very skeptical because I had never heard of glasses to help migraines.”

After buying eyewear from Axon Optics and sporting them for a few month, Steven was thrilled to find he’d discovered a brand new device for his migraine toolbox, “These work amazingly for me. I have not had a single migraine since I have been wearing these, not one!”

And a new fan was born.

Whereas the outcomes differ for every individual, analysis and testimonials present that sure kinds of lenses might help scale back the severity and frequency of migraine attacks.

We’ll start with the fundamentals.

What are Migraine Glasses?

In an effort to absolutely perceive the perform of migraine glasses, it is very important first understand the nature of migraines. Make no mistake, a migraine is rather more than a headache. Migraines themselves are extremely painful, however these attacks typically include other signs — comparable to mild sensitivity — that can make them excruciating.

Remedy could be a problem too, because everyone experiences their migraines in distinctive methods. The signs and triggers are as different because the people who get them. Nevertheless, there are a handful of triggers which are fairly according to nearly all of migraineurs, and lightweight sensitivity tops the listing.

Since mild sensitivity is reported as both a standard symptom and a standard set off (especially in terms of glare), it’s no surprise that a controlled research found that brilliant lights brought about headaches in 29% of those surveyed, and aggravated headaches in 73% (together with other elements like skipping meals and stress).

Graph of Bright Lights Precipitating and Aggravating Migraine

To some extent, everyone seems to be delicate to mild. For instance, wanting immediately into the sun can be painful for anyone. But most people with migraine disease are hypersensitive to mild. A sunny day that delights most of us might be excruciating for them, however even indoor lighting can harm. It’s this degree of light sensitivity that units them aside. The truth is, greater than 90% of people with migraine illness are delicate to mild (Source: Evans et al). And as you noticed with Steven’s story above, ugly fluorescent lights may be notably bothersome.

So, the natural conclusion here can be to dam the sunshine, right? Nicely, that’s easier stated than executed. For decades, migraineurs would retreat to darkened rooms or slip on darkish sunglasses in an effort to ease their signs or maintain migraines at bay. While these efforts appeared to work somewhat, they didn’t prove to be long term options.

And the research started.

The good news is that research exhibits only certain wavelengths of light are doubtless worsen migraines (Supply Katz B). So, it logically follows that finding a method to block these specific wavelengths ought to present aid and even protection from light-triggered migraines.

Enter migraine glasses.

Migraine glasses filter the sunshine that has been implicated in triggering and aggravating migraine attacks. They use a particular coating on the lenses that is particularly designed to keep the “bad” mild out and let the great mild in. No substantially altered vision, no dark-adapted eyes, simply mild protection. Axon Optics migraine glasses have been shown to scale back the number of days with headache by 24%.  An unimaginable 90% of those that tried them skilled a lower in migraine attacks.

Results from HIT6 Study Graphs - Migraine Days Reduced by 24%
Knowledge collected by Axon Optics utilizing the Headache Influence Check (HIT-6) relating to Spectrashield lenses and their influence on headache, mild sensitivity, and migraine frequency and impression.

Nevertheless, the glasses you get from Axon Optics in the present day are fairly totally different from the sooner generations of glasses for mild sensitivity.

Improvement and Design: The Story of Migraine Glasses

The development  of migraine glasses spans several many years and entails a lot of modifications. The lenses you see as we speak bear little resemblance to their predecessors. The truth is, there are a selection of different versions available on the market at the moment, some with vital variations. So how have you learnt which migraine glasses are the “right ones”?

Their history under offers some clues.

The thought of using particular glasses to assist individuals with mild sensitivity issues is just not a brand new one. Way back docs, researchers, and even patients realized that specialized glasses may also help with mild issues. Nevertheless,  it wasn’t till researchers began tweaking the lens tint that issues obtained very fascinating.

Let’s retrace that path and explore the evolution of migraine glasses.

Untitled 5

University of Cambridge – It started with fluorescent lights

Late 1980 – Early 1990

Dr Arnold Wilkins

A number of the earliest work involving using eyeglasses for therapeutic use began within the late 1980s-early 1990 at Cambridge University.  Dr. Arnold Wilkins of Cambridge had various sufferers who complained that fluorescent lights induced them to experience eye-strain and complications. In an effort to help them find some sort of aid, he started creating a tint that would scale back what he hypothesized as the fluorescent mild wavelengths that had probably the most speedy modulation from the lights.

After a lot trial and error, Dr. Wilkins and his staff developed a tint they labeled FL-41, which had a brown-red colour. The group examined the lens on a few of Dr. Wilkins’ patients with impressive results. Many reported that the glasses offered much-needed aid, together with one lady who had been ‘driven mad’ by fluorescent lighting all her life. She’d needed to depart jobs due to her mild sensitivity and the light-triggered migraine assaults that always adopted. The lenses made it attainable for her to stay in rooms lit with fluorescent lighting for a number of hours, without experiencing any photophobic symptoms.

Birmingham and Midland Eye Centre – tested on a cohort of youngsters with migraine


Neurophysiologist Dr.Peter Good learn Wilkins’ analysis and saw and alternative for extra purposes of the FL-41 tint.  Dr Good worked with a gaggle of youngsters with migraines at Birmingham hospital in England. Because fluorescent lights bothered them and sometimes triggered their migraines, he questioned if the FL-41 tint may assist them. He decided it was a query value pursuing.

In the research led by Good, each FL-41 brown-red tinted and blue-tinted lenses have been evaluated over a four-month interval in a gaggle of 20 youngsters clinically recognized with migraines. After only one month of wear and tear, these youngsters reported a decreased headache frequency with both forms of lenses. Nevertheless, youngsters who wore the brown-red lenses continued to experience decreased migraines for the complete four-month research. The blue-tinted lens wearers didn’t.

At the finish of four months, the migraine frequency in youngsters sporting the brown-red tinted lenses had dropped from 6.2 per thirty days to 1.6 per thirty days. These outcomes of this small research have been revealed in a comparatively small journal, and didn’t get much traction locally.

College of Utah – Dr. – Digre Beneficial it
Early 1990

digre kathleen.b

Within the early 1990s, Dr. Kathleen Digre, a neuro-ophthalmologist and researcher on the College of Utah, often saw sufferers with migraine and lightweight sensitivity points.  She had reviewed the article detailing Dr. Good’s research and determined to advocate the FL-41 tint to a few of her own patients. The outcomes have been spectacular to say the least.

Because of the success her patients skilled, Dr. Digre continued to advocate the tint. While she did not publish anything concerning the aid her patients experienced when using the FL-41 tint, it did open the door for researchers to look a bit of more durable on the position it might play in stopping light-triggered migraine. Additionally it is value noting that in 2018, Dr. Digre turned the president of the American Headache Society.

College of Utah – Dr Katz Studies it

bradley katz 1

In 1998 Dr. Bradley Katz moved from Iowa to Utah to apply and research at the College’s hospital. As a neuro-ophthalmologist, he additionally saw many individuals with photophobia and migraine. His colleague, Dr. Digre, shared her sufferers’ successes with the FL-41 tint and really helpful that he supply it to his patients. He decided to attempt it and acquire the info on an off-the-cuff basis. The success his sufferers skilled was similar to Dr. Digre’s outcomes. The truth is, a few of his patients showed dramatic enchancment.

Dr. Katz and his analysis workforce showed the tint worked, however they didn’t know WHY it worked.  “I didn’t think too much about it until 2002 when I read a research article published in Science, one of the most important publications in the scientific community,” says Dr. Katz. “The article explained that researchers had discovered a new type of cell in the eye.”

The article defined that when these cells (ipRGCs) have been within the presence of light, they stimulated your inner clock which regulates your sleeping pattern (circadian course of). These cells have been tremendous delicate round blue-green mild, or the 480 wavelength. Dr. Katz thought that these new cells may additionally contribute to photophobia.

“I ran a test on the Fl-41 lenses and it blocked 480,” says Dr.Katz. “So I put two and two together and saw that these aren’t just ‘magic glasses.” There’s a physiological basis for them.”

Nevertheless, not everyone was convinced. When Dr. Katz tried to share his findings, there was much skepticism among his colleagues. They have been hesitant to get behind such a claim and scoffed at the concept of “magic glasses.” This angle introduced some roadblocks to additional analysis, because the docs and researchers weren’t quick to again such seemingly fanciful claims.

This didn’t deter Dr. Katz. He needed to run some studies on glasses that block sure wavelengths of sunshine, and discover the chances that introduced. This is able to additionally permit migraine glasses to get firmer footing inside the scientific group. As much as that time, the majority of the “migraine glasses” success tales, although frequent, have been still anecdotal.

College of Utah – Mild Sensitivity Research
Late 2000

bradley katz

Within the late 2000s, Dr. Bradley Katz carried out several research using an up to date, lighter model of the tint with more of a rose hue as opposed to the sooner red-brown. He examined the tinted lenses on sufferers who had a recognized mild sensitivity situation which causes involuntary squeezing of the eyes (referred to as blepharospasm).

Dr. Katz examined these sufferers because he might receive survey suggestions back and truly measure how much they blinked. This offered more concrete evidence of the lenses’ effectiveness, since objectively measuring migraine is troublesome. The results have been very constructive. A lot of the individuals noticed enchancment while sporting the up to date rose tint — considerably greater than the gray-tinted lenses additionally used in the research. Moreover, their involuntary eye movements significantly decreased.

Nevertheless, it wasn’t simply the color of the lens that made the glasses work. His evaluation confirmed that the wavelengths played an important position in their effectiveness. Dr. Katz examined a generic rose coloured lens towards the “updated rose FL-41” lens, and noticed that the two weren’t the identical. His up to date FL-41 lens examined considerably better.

Harvard and Utah – Cells that worsen migraine are identified (even in the blind)

Dr. Rami Burstein

Across the similar time, Dr. Kathleen Digre was working with Dr. Rami Burstein out of Harvard College. Via their analysis, they confirmed that these just lately found ipRGC cells have been a reason for migraine attacks. They completed this by displaying that mild triggered ache and headaches in individuals who have been blind (sounds a bit loopy, however it’s true).

Dr. Burstein believed that while the pain from headaches can incapacitate individuals with migraine, “it is their inability to endure light that most often disables them.”

Harvard University – Inexperienced Mild
July 2016

Dr. Burstein discovered that exposing migraine victims to a slender band of green mild considerably decreased photophobia which, in turn, also lowered headache severity. He and his research group decided that the colour that’s the most snug is true between 480 and 590, which is a green hue. This offered further evidence backing Dr. Katz’s analysis carried out at around the similar time, which proved migraineurs and people with mild sensitivity should keep away from 480 mild.

pasted image 0 5

All other colors increased headache ache in any respect intensities, while smooth or intermediate inexperienced mild on average lowered ache. Noseda et al./Mind.

College of Utah – Making a better lens

Steve blair

The studies carried out by Dr. Katz and Dr. Digre helped to solidify that specially-tinted lenses could possibly be a viable remedy for migraine, but Dr. Katz needed to see if he might improve the lenses even additional.  “I knew that it worked,” he stated. “I wanted to develop a lens that could block 480 better than the existing FL-41 tint, but without the lens color distortion and darkness.”  He teamed up with Dr. Steve Blair, a professor of engineering on the College of Utah, and developed an updated lens that did just that.

In 2016, Dr. Katz and Dr. Blair put this new lens to the check for 48 migraine and lightweight sensitivity sufferers. On common, the individuals decreased the influence of their mild triggered migraine by sporting the new lens. Nevertheless, something sudden happened. Members wore a second lens which was meant to be a placebo, nevertheless it helped as nicely!  Dr Katz and his staff researched why what that they had assumed to be a “sham” lens was additionally helpful.

Migraine Glasses Guide - Hit 6 Results for thin film from Hoggan et al study

There were statistically vital reductions in Headache Influence Check (HIT-6) scores when both the 480nm or 620nm lenses have been worn.  The scores returned to normal when members didn’t put on their lenses (referred to as washout)

As he poured over the research, Dr. Katz uncovered the reply. The newly found cells reached most sensitivity at round 480 (the goal of the new lens) and round 590 (which was near the target of the placebo lens). So with a purpose to scale back an individual’s sensitivity to mild and light-triggered migraine, the lens must be blocking around the 480 and 590 wavelengths. That is what made the inexperienced mild (shown in the light-color graph above) so efficient. It primarily filters out these wavelengths as mild passes by means of it.

Mystery solved!

Dr. Katz and his College of Utah workforce patented an up to date lens design concentrating on the 480 and 590 wavelengths, which is at present present process further medical research. This “next generation” know-how is being developed as a potential evolution of their lenses, so stay tuned to see what occurs.

Until then, the cutting-edge know-how used to develop the lighter, rose-tinted model of the FL-41 lenses nonetheless attenuates both the 480 and 590 wavelengths (in contrast to the unique brown-red version). These lenses are available right now from Axon Optics.

Migraine Glasses Achieve Traction

Migraine glasses are probably like a dream come true for the migraineur who often battles painful mild.

And for many migraineurs, the advantages are already turning into very real. One survey found that almost  9 out of 10 individuals who tried migraine glasses to get aid from light-triggered migraine skilled fewer assaults, lowered pain during an episode, decreased mild sensitivity, and improved eye comfort, particularly from eye fatigue or eye pressure.

So when did they finally turn into out there on a large scale?

Axon Optics Opens for Enterprise — 2011

In early 2011, Axon Optics launched its website to begin promoting its own brand of precision-tinted lenses for individuals with migraine and lightweight sensitivity. Over the previous several years, Axon Optics has continued to improve and refine the lens. In truth, we are those who initially coined the time period, “migraine glasses.”

Since those early days, the time period “migraine glasses” has taken off. You’ll be able to see within the Google chart under that the time period “migraine glasses” has really gained reputation since our launch in 2011. Discover the spike in visitors in early 2013. That’s when when Axon Optics acquired a great deal of press for a research it was performing round some new filtering know-how for migraine glasses.

pasted image 0 9Interest over time: Numbers symbolize search interest relative to the very best level on the chart for the given region and time. A worth of 100 is the peak reputation for the term. A value of 50 signifies that the time period is half as widespread. A score of 0 means there was not sufficient knowledge for this term.

You possibly can see right here that the time period “migraine glasses” has been receiving virtually 4,000 searches a month since 2015. These are searches initiated in america alone. The graph solely measures Google searches, and does not take into consideration other serps. That is very robust evidence that exhibits just how fashionable migraine glasses have turn into.

pasted image 0 1Month-to-month searches on Google for keyword “Migraine Glasses” from April 2015 by way of March 2019.

Axon Optics has continued that ahead momentum, with no plans of stopping anytime soon. We’ve designed a big number of frames ranging from classic types, to modern, to basic. We even have frames for teenagers with migraine. And since every frame comes with precision-tinted lenses for both indoor or outside wear, migraineurs can take pleasure in safety from mild wherever they go.

The Evolution of the FL-41 Tint and Axon’s Ongoing Position

As the time period FL-41 turned extra widespread and extra individuals discovered about it, it turned a generic term with no concrete definition.

Through the years, the term FL-41 has misplaced specificity and has been tagged on to many various migraine lenses — a few of that are ineffective. An early challenge at the College of Utah compared many various generic Fl-41 lenses. Their mild transmissions and colour range drastically. Some are purple, rust, purple, rose, orange, inexperienced, and so forth.

pasted image 0Knowledge from College of Utah venture comparing numerous generic FL-41 lenses.

The original FL-41 that was used in the early research, such as the one carried out by Dr. Good in 1991, appeared like this. It was used to combat fluorescent lighting. The FL-41 used in the 1991 research could be very darkish, and doesn’t block as a lot across the 590. The tint was developed to dam sure wavelengths from fluorescent mild, but now we all know so much more.

pasted image 0 3

On the floor, sporting darkish glasses might appear to be a good idea if you find yourself making an attempt to protect towards mild sensitivity, however don’t be fooled. Sporting darkish glasses can truly exacerbate your photophobia issues.

The unique FL-41 lenses that have been used to help sufferers cope with fluorescent mild blocked 90% of the sunshine in 400 and 550, and about 40% around 590. In different phrases, they have been darkish — particularly to be sporting indoors.

Current research exhibits that absolutely eliminating migraine triggers may very well be a nasty concept, especially relating to blocking mild. Why? As a result of avoiding migraine triggers has a somewhat excessive chance of creating individuals more sensitive to these triggers. In other words, once you dramatically prohibit the light in your setting, reminiscent of sporting super dark glasses, you may actually be setting yourself as much as improve your mild sensitivity.

The authors of this research recommend that exposing yourself to small doses of triggers and studying to manage with them may be higher than complete avoidance. The Axon tint is aligned with this analysis. Our migraine glasses permit publicity to small amounts of 480 and 590 (we don’t block it totally), which lets you continue to perform whereas still getting aid.

It’s simple, really. So many migraineurs put their complete lives on maintain with a view to avoid their triggers. But because of the supply of migraine glasses, you don’t should reside like that just because you’ve light-triggered migraine. In different words, you possibly can filter out the offending mild with out dwelling in the dead of night.

Spectrashield Lens: The Axon Optics lens has come a great distance because the brown-red that Dr. Wilkins developed to assist his light-sensitive sufferers higher tolerate fluorescent lighting. Our migraine glasses function probably the most current migraine lens obtainable right now. Our tint lets probably the most good mild in. It’s also the lightest lens, and a lovely colour that is straightforward on the eyes.

Axon Optics Spectrashield lens on top of box

When you’re dealing with multiple vendors, it’s a combined bag. There are numerous totally different migraine glasses out there in all totally different colors. The reality is, with no real regulation you by no means really know what you’ll get from other vendors. That so-called “great deal” is probably not so nice in any case.  That’s one of the causes that we call our lens Axon Spectrashield. It differentiates our lens from different complicated variations which might be presently obtainable. If you see Spectrashield, you recognize you’ll be able to belief the science supporting it and the corporate behind it – Axon Optics. That’s how you realize which migraine glasses are the fitting ones — because they’re backed by studies and strong analysis.

Backside line: When it comes to dwelling your life and managing your situation, we consider the analysis inform us it’s higher to wear the rose-colored Axon Spectrashield lens and stay at work, faculty, church, wherever you go — than to remain in a dark room and avoid your normal activities.

There are such a lot of variations of migraine glasses out there, that it can be confusing. We get that. But whenever you choose Axon’s FL-41 tint, you possibly can know unquestionably that it’s been rigorously tested, honed, and perfected. You’ll be able to see the science behind it proper on our web site. What’s extra, you’ll be able to learn testimonials by glad Axon clients like these:

“Greatest indoor FL41 I’ve tried

I suffered a severe concussion 4 years in the past and have had terrible every day migraines and intense mild sensitivity – especially to fluorescent lights -ever since. I have tried a number of manufacturers of FL41 glasses. To date, these are the perfect made snug, effective and useful in indoor lighting conditions of the three brands I’ve tried. (I additionally really like how they appear on me) I am going to have a pair made up with my prescription as a result of I’m so completely satisfied.”

Elizabeth M.

“I had tried a pair of tinted glasses for migraines

I have extreme persistent migraines Mild sensitivity is an enormous drawback for me. I found these glasses they usually have been an enormous assist! I obtained the ship in your body choice so I picked out my body—a frame I really like that’s actually snug and lightweight. The particular lenses are a lot easier and extra snug on my eyes on my dangerous migraine days. I even ordered one other pair in one other frame just yesterday. This can make my third pair of Axon prescription glasses. I undoubtedly advocate the ship in your personal body choice although! Thank you so much for these glasses. I had tried a pair of tinted glasses for migraines from my eye physician they usually simply weren’t the same. They’re the frames I’m sending in to have the lenses switched out to your lenses. They are so a lot better! I can be using your glasses any further!”

Brandon W.

Not all FL-41 lenses are created equal. Search for Spectrashield FL-41 lenses, only out there at Axon Optics.

Are Migraine Glasses Actually Better than Regular Sunglasses Indoors?

In a phrase, YES! Axon Optics’ migraine glasses are much better than sporting regular sun shades indoors. This isn’t only as a result of we consider our glasses are the most effective (which we do!), but there’s some very strong science behind that declare. As mentioned earlier,  sporting darkish sunglasses for mild sensitivity could make your situation worse by making your eyes even more sensitive to mild. This can be a phenomenon referred to as dark-adaptation.

anastasia vityukova 1325271 unsplashKeep away from sporting dark glasses indoors as a result of they could make your mild sensitivity worse

Merely put, dark adaptation signifies that your eyes are naturally adjusted to a darkened setting and not have the power to effectively regulate to well-lit environments. Dark tailored eyes may be irritated by normal or even low-level lighting, making it increasingly troublesome to emerge from that darkened room or take off your dark glasses.

Fortuitously, this situation is reversible, nevertheless it’s better to avoid it within the first place.

Darkish adaptation is one purpose we’ve designed our glasses with totally different shades of tint for indoors and outdoor. The outside glasses are darker, in fact. And the indoor glasses are lighter. So, if you wish to wear Axon eyewear indoors and outside, tinting could be applied to separate pairs of glasses. That method you possibly can have a darkish pair for outside wear, and a lighter pair for indoor put on.

That is probably the most snug solution to put on our tint – and extra of our clients choose it. Most people wouldn’t need to put on a sunglass frame within the workplace, or an indoor eyeglass frame in the solar. Lots of our clients wear the “indoor” tint all the time whereas inside, however once they venture outdoors, they change to glasses with our outside tint or even common sunglasses.

It’s all about what works greatest for you.

There’s additionally an alternative choice in case you don’t need to change glasses each time you modify environments. Our tinted Transitions® lenses can be utilized each indoors and outdoor — no switching glasses involved. The totally different tints are vital for optimum aid and protection.

It must be noted that our outside tint is probably the most therapeutic. Nevertheless, it might be too darkish for most people to make use of indoors.

How do Migraine Glasses Work?

Mild may be extraordinarily uncomfortable for these with extreme mild sensitivity, or photophobia. If in case you have this condition, mild might be debilitating.

Conditionsok 400Photophobia, or sensitivity to mild, is a really real medical situation that can lead to a variety of well being points, including migraine.

As mentioned earlier, migraine glasses have a particular lens that blocks the wavelengths which might be recognized to trigger mild sensitivity signs, but permit different forms of mild to filter via. This reduces the wearer’s publicity to these wavelengths which are most probably to cause light-triggered signs, while allowing them to see clearly.

On the visible spectrum of sunshine, the human eye responds to wavelengths which might be from 380 to 740 nanometers. This is additionally where the pure colors (a single wavelength) reside. Certain colours which might be unsaturated (purple, pink, and so forth.) don’t appear, because multiple wavelengths are required to create them.

The seven pure spectral colors are listed under. What has been decided via research is that the wavelengths round 480 and 590 are typically probably the most problematic for individuals with photophobia.

  • Violet – 380-450 nm
  • Blue – 450-485 nm
  • Cyan – 485-500 nm
  • Inexperienced – 500-565 nm
  • Yellow – 565-590 nm
  • Orange – 590-625 nm
  • Pink – 625-740 nm

pasted image 0 4

Image supply:

Nevertheless, migraine glasses additionally help forestall eye pressure and headaches from digital system or pc use. The lens is a natural remedy for mild sensitivity and migraine with out causing any unwanted side effects like eye pressure, blurry imaginative and prescient or headaches.

The position of migraine triggers and glasses for migraine: You already know that mild could be a trigger for many migraineurs. Other triggers embrace stress, lack of sleep, nervousness, dehydration, and sound. The key to preventing migraine is to avoid hitting the migraine threshold. In other words, take a proactive strategy, decreasing your triggers and addressing attacks earlier than they grow to be full blown. There are a number of methods to accomplish this, but the most effective is a multi-faceted, strategic strategy that comes with figuring out your triggers, decreasing them, and understanding the methods that your body responds to one of the best.

Screen Shot 2019 06 08 at 9.34.49 AMThe migraine threshold is the point the place the triggers hit overload and the migraine begins.

Many individuals take a reactive strategy with their migraines, which means that they provoke injury control when the attack has already taken hold. Nevertheless, the simplest technique for migraine aid is prevention.

For those who can take steps to stop an attack from progressing and even occurring within the first place, you’ll have a lot better management over your migraine disease. Typically, an attack will catch you off guard. So prevention is preferable, as a result of once an assault starts it’s like a practice that simply retains coming.

Prevention begins with figuring out your triggers. Holding a migraine diary is an effective begin. You need to use it to track tendencies and pinpoint the things which will cause your migraine assaults. Once you understand your triggers, you’ll be able to begin to proactively manage them to stop attacks.

Should you’ve identified mild as a set off, migraine glasses could also be a very good answer, as they’re designed to dam the wavelengths of sunshine almost certainly to cause an issue. To know how this works, it is advisable first perceive how the brain processes mild. It begins when mild enters the eye. There are two main pathways that make up the optic nerve.

One pathway conducts the sunshine and the opposite pathway conducts ache. Typically the ache pathway is extra delicate to stimulation as the light pathway processes mild getting into the eye.

There are a selection of reasons that this will happen. Sickness, dark adaptation, damage, genetic issues, disease, and hereditary predisposition can all cause mild sensitivity. Analysis exhibits that it is the optic nerve that is primarily chargeable for transmitting alerts that set off a pain response. Actually, the power to see is just not even crucial for mild to cause ache. Even the blind can have a sensitivity to mild and experience light-triggered complications.

Optic Nerve Has Multiple Pathways to the Brain The optic nerve has two pathways. One transmits mild;  the other transmits pain. Filtering out the light wavelengths that set off mild sensitivity and migraine, you filter out the ache.

Migraine glasses filter mild, thus decreasing migraine symptoms. Blocking sure wavelengths of sunshine might scale back the frequency of migraine assaults and even forestall them. That is the important perform of migraine glasses — to block these wavelengths so you will get aid.

If There’s “Bad Light,” Shouldn’t My Migraine Glasses Block All of It?

It in all probability seems counterintuitive to have some publicity to your triggers. It might appear logical to keep away from your triggers utterly. This, nevertheless, might prove detrimental. As we discovered earlier, utterly avoiding triggers might cause an individual to develop into MORE delicate. Over time, you possibly can discover that you are retreating to a darkened room increasingly more. Chances are you’ll understand that you simply turn into even much less tolerant of sunshine.

Dr. Katz explains how this works, “The main point is that avoiding migraine triggers may make people more sensitive to those triggers.” He says, “These authors suggest that exposing yourself to small doses of triggers and learning to cope may be better than avoidance. I think it builds on what we’ve been saying all along: it’s better to wear the Axon glasses and go on with your life as normal, than to sit in a dark room and avoid everything. Our tint is designed to allow small amounts of 480 to bring relief without risking making you more sensitive.”

A number of migraine studies have proven that utterly avoiding triggers might trigger a person to develop into extra sensitive to them. Martin’s Trigger Avoidance Mannequin of Headache (TAMH) suggests that as an alternative of instructing migraine patients to keep away from their migraine triggers, that docs ought to as an alternative be helping them study to cope with the triggers.

Researchers have found that patients who bear temporary exposure to a migraine trigger leads to that individual experiencing an elevated sensitivity to that trigger. Then again, sufferers who bear longer durations of publicity to a migraine set off experience a decreased sensitivity to the trigger.

Why Are There Many Vendors With Totally different Wanting Migraine Glasses?

Which migraine glasses are one of the best? How is Axon Optics totally different?

When you do an internet search for “migraine glasses” you will notice that there isn’t any shortage of product offerings — or variances. It looks like everybody has their own model of migraine glasses, and every version is sort of totally different.


So what’s the story on all those different lenses? Let’s take a look.

  • Blue Mild Blockers (Amber/Yellow Lenses) — Blue blockers are a well-liked lens that blocks blue mild and are for common eye fatigue brought on by blue mild from digital screens. Amber or yellow lenses lack the research to help any claims that they could forestall migraine.

Blue blocker tints might make an surroundings appear brighter and should scale back eye fatigue, but they do not block the light spectrum shown to worsen migraine and lightweight sensitivity. Axon Optics lenses block a portion of the blue mild wavelengths, but in addition the spectrum proven to worsen migraine and lightweight sensitivity.

  • Pink Lenses — Purple tinted contact lenses tested very properly in one research. Of the 33 topics with migraine, 31 experienced fast aid after placing the contacts in. Nevertheless, the tint was very dark which has a excessive potential to cause darkish adaptation points. Additionally, they have been only given after a migraine attack had begun, so there isn’t any proof that they might truly forestall an attack. One of the researchers involved within the research admitted that pink tint is probably not the best choice for treating migraine as a result of different tints filter totally different or extra wavelengths of light, which might work higher to stop migraine.
  • Blue Lenses — No less than one research has discovered blue mild to truly cause problems with photophobia in many patients.
  • Green Lenses — Studies have discovered that a slender band of green mild is less probably than other mild wavelengths to exacerbate mild sensitivity and migraine general. It has also been proven to improve migraine and headache pain during an attack for some patients. The issue with these lenses, although, is that the lens would have to be extraordinarily dark to be able to permit that slender band of green mild to cross via. It’s highly possible that this might trigger dark adaptation issues.

Axon SpectraShield Lens: The Axon lens has been examined using clinically validated surveys and tons of of human topics. In our analysis we’ve found that around 90% of people that wore our migraine glasses experienced not only a decrease of their mild sensitivity, but in addition a lower in the frequency of their migraine assaults. General, topics skilled a mean of a 38% discount within the influence of light sensitivity and a 24% decrease in migraine assaults.

  • Dangerous mild vs good mild: One key element of effective migraine glasses is the stability of sunshine. The “bad” mild ought to be filtered out, but you need to let as much good mild by means of your indoor lenses as attainable. Axon lenses let 20-70% extra good mild in than other different generic lenses available on the market. To trace and confirm the discount in the variety of migraine days, we used the clinically validated survey the HIT-6 before and 30 days after sporting our Axon glasses.
  • Lens Coatings: Some of the notable options that basically units Axon’s lenses apart is the lens coating. We apply greater than ten premium coatings to every aspect of each lens. These coatings are designed to scale back glare, reduce smudges, and stop scratches. For those who went to your local optical store you’d pay round $100 to $150 for the coating alone. What’s more, our lens coating has lower than a 0.Eight reflectance. That is crazy low! ?
  • Extras: Once you order migraine glasses from Axon Optics, you’ll obtain your glasses in a hard protective eyeglass case. Additionally, you will get a microfiber pouch and a 1 yr warranty. All non-prescription frames have a 100% a refund guarantee and a no-questions-asked return coverage within 30 days.  Be happy to attempt them out.
  • Analysis: Our firm was based by a neuro-ophthalmologist, photonics researcher, and optical entrepreneur. Axon founder, Dr. Katz, has handled literally hundreds of sufferers with mild sensitivity and/or migraine. We use income from Axon Optics to fund further analysis for brand spanking new merchandise related to migraine and lightweight sensitivity. Which means each pair of migraine glasses you buy from Axon, you’re truly contributing to further research to develop products that convey aid to individuals who endure from migraine and lightweight sensitivity.

There are numerous totally different lens colours available on the market, each claiming to be one of the best. To be truthful, some do assist in certain environments and with sure forms of mild. Nevertheless, there isn’t any different recognized lens tinting available on the market that’s as efficient and that addresses so many several types of mild triggers than the Axon SpectraShield FL-41 lens.

Might Glasses for Migraine Assist Me With my Migraines?

Now for the large question. Might migraine glasses assist relieve your migraine? When it comes right down to it, that’s what you actually need to know, proper?

Contemplate this: More than 90% of people that have mild sensitivity or mild triggered migraine have found some aid with these glasses, the probabilities are excellent that they may provide help to, too. Nevertheless, we acknowledge that they don’t work for everybody. For many who fall into that 10%, we do have a return coverage.

As you’ve seen here, just because a product claims to be an FL-41 lense, that doesn’t mean they are the updated lenses from Axon Optics that have executed so nicely in research. The time period FL-41 will get tossed around rather a lot, but we’d advocate you don’t take a chance on lenses from unfamiliar sources without documented, revealed research. Solely SpectraShield FL-41 lenses from Axon have the proven monitor document of light sensitivity and migraine aid.

Whereas virtually all of the individuals who participated in our current HIT 6 Survey reported that our FL-41 lenses decreased the impression of their migraine, the extent and intensity did range by individual. We’ve seen individuals with migraine expertise dramatic enhancements (25 headache days a month to three days) a month, to others who had no decrease in headache days, however acquired a lower in the general influence of their migraine.

Earlier than After
0-Eight headache days (Low Frequency Episodic Migraine) 34 64
9-14 headache days (High Frequency Episodic Migraine) 23 13
15-29 headache days (Continual Migraine) 47 28
Every day 19 18
Complete 123 123

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So, will migraine glasses assist you? We consider there is a wonderful probability they’ll. Likelihood is, you’ll quickly be sending us your personal evaluation when you take pleasure in fewer migraine days and more time dwelling your life.

What are Migraine Glasses Customers Saying?

We might go on all day lengthy about Axon Optics migraine glasses, but we thought it will be better to let our clients do the talking. Greater than 700 individuals have left critiques, with a mean of about four.three out of 5 stars. Most of them rave about how nicely our migraine glasses work. Take a look and see for yourself.

“Well worth the cash

I’ve dealt with migraines during the last several years, and eventually determined to attempt migraine glasses (I needed to limit the severity/intensity of my migraines with a drug-free strategy if in any respect attainable), especially since I do expertise sensitivity each day. Once I first acquired the glasses, I was in the midst of a hormonal migraine, in order that they didn’t assist at all. Nevertheless, I made a decision to maintain sporting them, and I do discover a distinction in the amount of eye pressure I expertise once I’m using them versus not. All in all, they have been well worth the cash…and I’ve even acquired quite a lot of compliments on how nice they appear!”

Christina R

“A welcome addition to the software field

Most migraineurs have a toolbox to help forestall and deal with their signs. The Jura glasses have been a terrific addition to mine. I work at a computer beneath fluorescent lights and commute on transit. These can all trigger eye pressure and elevated migraine episodes. The Jura glasses scale back the stress and pressure on my eyes and my nervous system. Love them, cherish them.”

Patrick J.

“A life saver

I might have by no means thought sun shades can make such a distinction. Mild is a serious set off for me particularly driving to work, and dwelling in Phoenix the place it is all the time sunny. I get triggered by chrome reflections and most lights and since I’ve been utilizing these I’ve not had an optical set off in 7 weeks! Couldn’t be happier. These keep in my automotive and are literally cute! They’re smaller than the photographs make them appear and a dark lens others can’t tell you’re sporting special glasses. Properly value every penny. Worked in all places including the seashore! I couldn’t be happier thank you Axon”

Margaret B

“You will need to buy them they are the most effective ever

I have been struggling with migraines virtually every single day for two years. We got here throughout this website and I’m so thankful we did. I’ve a lot aid it’s like a muscle relaxer on your eyes. These glasses have given me my life back, I am able to go out and do more and I’m not in constant ache. It has taken my migraines from virtually daily to about a few times every week to date. I extremely advocate them to anyone who suffers with any sort of migraine. I really like love love love love love love these. ❤️❤️❤️??”

Emily N.

You’ll be able to learn extra evaluations on our evaluation web page.

How Do I Use My Migraine Glasses? All day? Once every week?

Every migraineur is totally different. You’re distinctive. Your state of affairs, surroundings, and the best way you react are all uniquely yours. With that stated, you must find our personal consolation degree and what works greatest for you.

Some individuals put on their Axon Optics migraine glasses on a regular basis. Others wear them solely in conditions the place they really feel mild sensitivity — similar to beneath fluorescent lights at work, or going right into a store. There are as many consumer variances as there are customers.

Our analysis exhibits that 35% of customers put on their glasses on a regular basis, and greater than 60% wear them more often than not.

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We requested some of our clients how they wear their migraine glasses. Listed here are their responses:

  • “At work, 3 days a week, 12 hr shifts.”
  • “Every day when around triggering light types – fluorescent lights at work, watching tv, using a computer.”
  • “Working on sewing projects, reading, television.”
  • “Only at the gym & big box stores because of the bright lighting.”
  • “I wear them around fluorescent lights, if I start feeling pre-migraine symptoms such as nausea, during an attack.”
  • “I wear these amazing glasses throughout the day and night (basically any and every time I look at my phone, use my computer, or watch t.v.).”
  • “At work (40 hours/week) and around fluorescent lights (grocery shopping for example).”
  • “I wear them all the time. The only time I do not wear them is taking a shower and putting on makeup.”
  • “Anytime I am outside, especially around the water. I have worn them inside when I have a headache, and they are very very helpful. Big fan.”
  • “At work when working on my computer. In the evening some if my eyes feel fatigued. After exposure to fluorescent lights.”
  • “When I’m at class under fluorescent lighting, when I drive because they help cut down on the glare, and always when I’m watching tv or using my computer.”
  • “Only during an attack.”
  • “I wear them when I feel a headache coming on as well as when I know I will be in fluorescent lights. I also wear them while driving at night to cut the glare from oncoming headlights.”
  • “Only around fluorescent lights.”

We frequently get requested if there’s an adjustment interval whenever you first start sporting our glasses. Most of our clients do not expertise any sort of adjustment period with Axon eyewear — they simply really feel instant aid.

Nevertheless, in case you experience discomfort whereas sporting your migraine glasses at first, it might be a good suggestion to steadily work your approach into sporting them full-time, or for long durations of time. On the primary day, wear them for just one hour. On the second day, improve that to 2 hours. On the third day, attempt for 3 hours and so on, till you are feeling extra snug with them. There are not any recognized unwanted effects from sporting the FL-41 lenses.

In the event you attempt our migraine glasses and you find that your discomfort doesn’t go away, please return them to us. We offer a full refund or trade credit for glasses returned in new condition, inside 30 days of buy.


Axon Optics migraine glasses with SpectraShield FL-41 lenses are probably the most current, updated version of the FL-41 lens tint and have probably the most scientific backing, including research and stories.  They are a pure, effective, drug-free option to higher handle your mild sensitivity and light-triggered migraine.

Isn’t it time you stopped hiding at midnight? Step into the sunshine with Axon Optics migraine glasses.



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